Chronology of Juliet Draper's Competitions

1994 - National Physique committee Armed Forces Nat'l Championship, -  Women's Heavy           Weight and Women's Overall Winner
1994 - Iron Horse Power Lifting Competition Winner, Fort Carson Army  Post Colorado           Springs, CO January, 1994
1998 - Rocky Mtn. Regional Firefighter Combat Challenge,regional champion
1998 - World Combat Challenge VII, runner up
1999 - Winner regional firefighter challenge, Springfield MO
1999 - Winner World Combat Challenge VIII, see Spring's Magazine, February, 2000
2003 - Rocky Mtn. Regional Firefighter Combat Challenge
2003 - World Firefighter Combat Challenge XII, winner and world record 2 min 3 sec
2005 - World Police and Fire Games - Gold Medal and World Record - Bench Press and Push           Pull
2005 - State Games of America - Gold Medal <181 lbs - Gold Medal Overall 1004lbs total
2006 - Regional firefighter challenge, Tyler, TX - winner, world record and first female           firefighter sub 2 minutes - 1 min 48 sec


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Juliet uses the desire to compete and win as the motivation to keep her in shape. It gives her a reason to keep going to the gym. The truth be told she loves to train, but competitive goals keep her pushing. More importantly competition keeps my nutrition stuff in check. "I love baked sweet things, but my training and consequently performance suffers when I'm eating more than my share of sugary stuff."

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"We spend a lot of time preparing for retirement but we forget to put into the fitness policies

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