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We made our Nke commercial. Call us Nike

2003 World Challenge..Ottawa, Canada
2003 World Combat challenge XII - Juliet Falls - Time - 2:11



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Air Force Academy Team July Training Photos
It hurts so bad
Over 50 World Record
Denny Peffer
Westminister Combat Challenge 8/11/2006
Air Force Academy Combat Team 2006
July Training Photos
Denny Peffer Training Combat Challenge 2006
Westminister Regional Combat Challenge - Juliet Draper

Firefighter Combat Challenge Images from World Challenge 2002

Castle Rock Regional Challenge 2002
Colorado Springs Relay Team

2003 World Challenge..Ottawa, Canada

2003 Regional Castle Rock

This year Juliet Draper is off the fire competition stage and on location shooting her first film, Camille Magic, written and director by her spouse Pam Jones. They are now 50% through production. See their photo gallery by Set Photograher Denise Chambers.

Firejock Recruiting Poster for Urban League


This recruiting flyer was developed for the Urban League Colorado Springs and Community Centers frequented by Black Americans. Firejock offers it to your Fire Department free of charge. Just leave the ©Firejock in the left and add your contact information. This is a large, high resolution file and will take some time to download. If you have questions email us at